Great to visit Trail, but watch your step

Please pick up after your pets, writes a visitor to Trail

What a great town to visit … and maybe retire to, writes Patty Anderson of Victoria. But in her Letter to the Editor Anderson appeals to dog owners to pick up after their pets.

My sister and I have just returned from a visit to Trail. It was the hometown of our Mom – Lorraine Dwyer.

We were last there in 1979. We were so impressed with the riverside walkway and pedestrian bridge, the planters, the many sitting benches.

What a great town to visit…..and maybe retire to. Enjoyed some great food at Pino’s and stayed at a wonderful B&B on Columbia Ave.

I am sending this letter to the editor of the Trail Times appealing to the dog owners living and visiting in Trail to please pick up after your pets.

There is an amazing amount of dog waste on the sidewalks in this lovely town and it is very difficult to walk without staring down at the ground to avoid stepping in it. Be responsible pet owners, use the waste bags the town is supplying, respect your town and keep it clean for everybody.

All the best

Patty Anderson