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Keeping House

Netherlands war commemoration more about peace

"In the new era of peace and post-war reconstruction there was a very special sense of optimism and most importantly trust."

Keeping House
Keeping House

Keeping House: Alberta election sets course for Canada to follow

"During the election there were many reports that Albertans were wondering what had happened to the province’s wealth."

Keeping House
Keeping House

Keeping House: Military extension in Syria is not the answer

"Does the government seriously believe that only by bombing the hell out this region will ISIL cease their recruitment campaign?"

Keeping House

Keeping House: C-51: A loss of rights and freedoms

Alex Atamanenko explains what bill C-51 will mean for Canadians.

Keeping House: The Affordable Childcare Plan

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has recently launched a plan for affordable childcare in Canada.

NDP’s Dissenting Report on marijuana

"The NDP believes that this study was unbalanced and was designed to focus on the harms of marijuana policy and use in Canada."

Keeping House: Climate change and the skeptics: Part 1

"As a rule, we can say that climate change skeptics are a minority."

Eliminating nuclear weapons

"The consensus at the meeting was that Canada could be doing more to promote a nuclear free world."

Women Creating Change project

"For example, more than half of the women in the region earn less than $24,000 annually, as compared to one-quarter of men."

Keeping House: The Unfair Elections Act: Part II

"The second category of problems can be regrouped under the heading, 'Pretending to Fight Electoral Fraud'."

The unfair elections act

A page from the Republican Dirty Tricks Book - Part I

Unarmed civilian peacekeeping

Alex Atamanenko shares his experience at Selkirk's lecture, Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping: A new Strategy for a Nonviolent World.

Keeping House: Age friendly Beaver Valley proves to be a success story

Alex Atamanenko discusses Fruitvale's dedication to programs and services for seniors.

Keeping House: GMOs – no scientific consensus

Part two of two - Alex Atamaneneko discusses GMOs and Food Biotechnology in Canada.

Obligations to veterans, their families

"This government must start paying more than lip service to show their support for veterans and their families."

Keeping House: UBCM makes key resolution on GMOs

Part 1 of 2: Alex Atamanenko shares information on GMOs and why the UBCM resolution is important.

Putting First Nations issues into context

A continuation of Alex Atamanenko's column regarding First Nations issues.

Putting First Nations issues in context

"The situation of Métis, Inuit, and First Nations peoples is one of the most complex and persistent challenges for the Federal Government"

Latest budget leaves a lot to be desired

Alex Atamenenko shares his opinion on the federal budget for 2013.

Fortis hearings begin on wireless smart meters

"Is it healthier, more secure, safer and more cost effective to opt for wired smart meters or for the wireless ones?"