Betty Drover

Fall containers help rejuvenate garden colours

"...annuals have done really well throughout the summer, but the colors are starting to fade and blooms are drooping..."

Add whimsy to garden with a funky plant

"Many gardens display plants that are unusual, strange or unique, setting them apart from the predictable perennial or annual beds."

Proper care of roses yields great results

"Roses have been a time honored shrub in gardens for hundreds of years..."

Peony provides colourful springtime bloom

"Peonies are a hardy long lived perennial native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America."

Plenty of benefits for creating raised garden beds

"With the high price of groceries these days it is satisfying to be able to grow your own choices of delicious vegetables and hearty herbs."

Fall colours come to life in trees and shrubs

The days are slowly getting shorter and the nights are cooling off. To our dismay, this is a sure sign that fall is on its way.

Ponds add colour

Ponds provide perfect backyard sanctuary

A pond or water feature can be a place of contemplation and reflection or mask the unwanted sound of noisy traffic.

Ponds add colour

Ten tips to help create the garden of your dreams

10 tips to helps gardeners struggling with bed design, color, placement and variety of plant material.

The recent basking of sunshine has allowed this beautiful little pasque flower to spring to life.

Spring perennials provide early-season punch of colour

It has been a long winter and everyone craves for the sight of the first bulb, bud or perennial.

The recent basking of sunshine has allowed this beautiful little pasque flower to spring to life.

Inspiration can be found anywhere

Inspiration (to be influenced or moved by) comes from many different places sights and feelings.

Fall brings new chores and plans in the garden

The Autumnal Equinox (hours of day and night are almost equal) has officially arrived. A time for cooler days, crisp sunshine and glowing oranges, yellows, and reds of the changing leaves.

Some common plants have healing potential

Our gardens contain more than just plants grown for their varied colorful blooms, sweet fragrances or lush greenery. They are also not just for the strawberry patch, climbing pole beans or lush red tomatoes.