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NHL player-safety called into question

The NHL season began with several bangs, literal and figurative, and some questions raised.

Sports 'n' Things

Sports ‘n’ Things: Olympics spoiling curling’s grassroots appeal

"End of the regular hockey season this weekend, along with the curling season..."

Sports 'n' Things

Sports ‘n’ Things: Back KIJHL rep at Cyclone

The Kimberley Dynamiters play through the Cyclone Taylor Cup series this weekend.

Sports 'n' Things

Sports ‘n’ Things: A quiet March in Greater Trail hockey rinks

"...he closest junior hockey rink that still has action is in Kimberley, a bit much of a drive during the dicey weather conditions"

Sports ‘n’ Things: Remembering McLeod

"...Donnie Mcleod, who passed away last week, was a brilliant athlete, as good at almost everything he tried..."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Top BCHL seeds advance in playoffs

"All the first-round series are done, and all but one (eight of nine) game in the interior were decided by a single goal."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Disciplined teams highlight exciting playoff matches

"...it is amazing how teams in the top junior leagues, both A and B levels, step up with discipline when the playoff season arises."

Sports 'n' Things

Sports ‘n’ Things: Interior playoff spot up for grabs

I believe Beaver Valley will prevail, but I am less than sure who there opponent will be in the division final.

Sports 'n' Things

Sports ‘n’ Things: Nitehawks set for post-season

"On paper the Nitehawks, with more top-end scoring and a slightly better defensive record, look like a shoo-in to the finals."

Sports ‘n’ Things: The greatest of them all

"The reasons for the season of frustration for the Smoke Eaters were on full display Wednesday night."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Big win shows Smokie Pride

"...it is still worthwhile to turn out to watch the Smoke Eaters - they provide excellent entertainment value most nights."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Bell tolls for Toller and Banks

"Lots of losses this past week, even one for the Nitehawks on the road."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smokies competitive in spite of record

"Part of the disparity can be explained by the two western divisons having some weaker teams."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Injuries take season toll on Smoke Eaters

"While it has not been a satisfying year for the Smoke Eaters, the club was tantalizingly close to contending for a playoff spot..."

Sports ‘n’ Things: A fond farewell to 2014

"...the passing year provided many good moments, some not-so-good, but if you are reading this, at least you survived it."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Good tidings to local teams

"Well, the Nitehawks are back atop the toughest division in the KIJHL heading into Castlegar tonight..."

Sports ‘n’ Things:A tough week for Trail sports fans

"Those two games showcased the worst, and least entertaining, hockey from the team I have seen."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Improvement may not yield results

"... the Smoke Eaters need to gear up and get points before the holiday break."

Hawks host Ghostriders in a telling weekend tilt

"Nice to see that the Smoke Eaters have gathered themselves after a very serious slump."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Fall Classic delivers

"Things don’t, and won’t ever this season, get easier for the Smoke Eaters."