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Sports ‘n’ Things: Parliament shooting impacts us all

"All good for the teams, and local fans, who can continue to show their support mostly without needing to go the either-or route."

Sports 'n' Things

BV Rec: Get in shape with low impact aerobics

Low Impact Aerobics is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the Montrose Hall. Call 367-9319 for more info.

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Jump on Smokies’ band wagon

"I am on board with hopes for a strong season and playoff hockey."

SPORTS N’ THINGS: KIJHL computer chaos

"It is annoying to me, but it should be infuriating for team operators."

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Good test for Nitehawks

"...seem to be playing in a division without any truly top end teams this year, so prospects for a strong playoff position finish are good."

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Important start for Smokies and fans

"It was a nice start for the Smoke Eaters, but the real heavy lifting begins tonight."

Promising start for Smokies

The Smoke Eaters 2014/15 season started last weekend and will be home next weekend.

Trail suffers loss of Home of Champions finest

Dave Thompson reflects on the recent passing of Seth Martin and Glynn 'Taffy' Harper.

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Hope springs eternal as Smokies’ season nears

Given their efforts in the off-season, I am really, really hopeful about the Smoke Eaters this season.

SPORTS N’ THINGS: What the ‘hair’ is going on?

"Unkempt hair and shaggy beards are all the rage, it seems, among those who profess to be aware of their, “role model,” status."

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Smoke Eaters hit the diamond

"Kind of cool that Trail is still producing top notch female ball players."

Later schedule more amenable to hockey fans

the BCHL seems to have been moved to permanently push its schedule to align closer to that of the NHL

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Kudos go out to Trail volunteers

"Another epic, fabulously-staged-by-local-volunteers event transpired at Butler Park last weekend."

Show support, head to Butler for B.C.s

The men’s provincial championship runs through Monday at one of many of the Home of Champions little jewels of event sites

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Early promise for Smokies

"A quick look at the BCHL website shows the Smoke Eaters in an unusual position heading towards the 2014-15 season."

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Local baseball in full swing

"I sincerely hope sports fans around here have been wending their way to local parks, where live baseball has been on display."

Sports n’ Things – Football: solutions for ‘simulation’

“Simulation,” as diving is called, is plainly cheating - attempting to deceive officials so as to gain an advantage - and it is rampant.

Sports n’ Things: Upkeep needed for hockey websites

"...woefully maintained/updated, so as points of contact for fans are not quite useless and often annoying."

Better to be lucky

"A favourite saying of mine has been, 'I’d rather be lucky than good'”

Sports n’ Things: No Warfield Days: a sign of woeful times

"The thought of not having some kind of sports day in Warfield would never have occurred to the residents there when I was a kid..."