Dave Thompson

Sports ‘n’ Things: NHL dirty play getting out of hand

"So far this post-season, their intentions in that regard are murky, to say the least.

Sports ‘n’ Things: Silver City Days growth hampered

Silver City Days usually has something for everyone - at least everyone not on a diet that can stand to be unplugged for a few minutes

Sports n’ Things: Practical response needed for Rec issues

"When will the people, both in and out of power, begin, as the school district has had to, addressing the issues involved."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Keeping Junior B age appropriate

There is a certain wow factor in the results produced by the Keystone Cup champion Beaver Valley Nitehawks.

Remarkable run for Nitehawks

"The Beaver Valley Nitehawks provincial championship run is more remarkable than you might think."

Sports n’ Things: Future will decide Nicholson hockey legacy

"...It was the culmination of Nicholson’s strategy to skew hockey in this country towards elite play..."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Warfield mom made a difference

"Seena was the last Mickey Mouse Mom, member of a cadre of mostly stay-at-home homemakers who knew every child in the community..."

Hawks bind community

"Beaver Valley is going to be the only thing actively uniting this area for the foreseeable future, it seems."

Brier losing its national flavour

"The Nitehawks have done well to get an away split against a talented Creston team which came into the semifinal on a roll and on a high."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smokies’ survival depends on you

"Trail’s Junior A squad is coming off a dire on-ice season, with little evidence the team has buoyed its talent pool..."

Smiles all around for Smokies’ fans

"...amazingly and happily, Trail came back, this time all the way, to knock off the Vipers, 6-5, in regulation time."

SPORTS N’ THINGS: Olympic gold means healthy pay day

"...Muirhead’s failure to become Olympic champion means leaving millions of dollars, or pounds, or euros, on the table."

Nitehawks battle Leafs for top spot in Neil Murdoch division

If you can tear yourself away from the tube this weekend there are some interesting hockey games on tap locally.

SPORTS N THINGS: Don’t let world sporting spectacles trump local teams and events

"Czar Putin the Great, aided and abetted by the ethically challenged IOC, has built what could be a collosal disaster-in-waiting..."

Smoke Eaters fighting to finish

"It has been a dispiriting year for Smokie fans, especially coming off a promising end to 2012/13..."

Will changes add up for Smoke Eaters?

"Minor sports, age-constricted as they are, always guarantee change in team rosters. Junior hockey is no exception."

Tough questions pending for BCHL

"Businesses in some places have less interest in sponsoring junior A hockey..."

The injustice of corporate curling

"... national women’s champion will not be attending on our behalf, because the money-fixated Olympic folks wanted to make it difficult..."

A pointed Roar at Curl Canada

"A brief look at the so-called, “Road to the Rings,” gives just one more indication of the way all things Olympic are suborned to cash."

CBC done in by Rogers deal

"It is massive and complicated, but the NHL rights deal indicates a couple of things right off the bat."