Dave Thompson

The times they are a changing

"It is Silver City Days and the sky is clear, the days warm and the evenings tolerable. That just never happens."

Orioles keep baseball rolling

"The Trail Orioles have released their schedule... our little jewel of a ballpark will have grown up baseball."

NHL fans get the shaft again

Just when the NHL may finally be getting interesting for this season, broadcasters seem particularly uninterested in fans.

World sledge hockey final may never end

"...the World Sledge Hockey Championship final between Canada and the United States may never end."

Ball teams need technical support

"Of course the situation isn’t perfect, it never is, but baseball is, (more or less) in bloom."

Baseball full of promise

"I love baseball and am thrilled that the season has begun.But, modern pros are coddled to a max compared with other athletes."

Get the vote out for Koshey and minor hockey

Get on the, “Kraft Hockey Goes on” site and vote for local Ken Koshey, a very long time supporter of hockey at all levels in this area.

A tough loss for all Greater Trail

"Not a happy week for me, or most local hockey fans."

Scheduling folly plagues BCHL

"...leaders of the BCHL should be horribly embarrassed about their organization of the 2012-2013 season - start to finish."

Big games at local rinks

"Saturday night was among the most exciting nights at Cominco Arena in a very long time..."

Trail playoff picture pending

"It almost isn’t fair. The Smoke Eaters have won four out of six and kept their still-faint playoff hopes alive."

Curling rink offers up great event

"This is a good time to head to downtown - downtown sorely needs people to head there - and the Trail Memorial Centre."

Races heat up

"...the KIJHL’s Beaver Valley Nitehawks will, literally, be sweating out the first of three home-and-home divisional series..."

Final games give playoff glimpse

"You cannot say enough about the KIJHL schedule maker’s prescience."

Stay tuned in to local talent

"If you doubt that professional sports is all about the money... check out the U.S. roster for the World Baseball Classic..."

Forget NHL, support local teams

"... I hope that fans will spend their hockey-designated money and time on the minor and junior teams."

NHL counts on fan capitulation

It’s fair to say the NHL lockout feels like a disaster to many.

Resolve to make a difference in and around the City of Trail

Best Apocalypse Ever! Even the weather got better.

A few final chestnuts for 2012

"Well, assuming the world continues to exist after the most recent Mayan calendar runs out today, there are good things coming."

Smokies’ keys to success

"Say whatever else about the Smoke Eaters 2012 edition, they have provided home ice excitement most nights."