Dave Thompson

Europeans dominate NHL awards

There are still many good Canadian NHL players. It’s just that the outstanding ones almost all seem to hail from offshore.

Icing local talent can be hard to do

For local hockey fans, a lot of whom often decry the lack of local talent on the Smoke Eaters, a few hints.

Audiences tune out, turn off hockey

This season’s playoffs have been among the most boring in memory - but the genius part must be in question for his NHL bosses.

Saying so long to one of the best ever

Not to be too big a downer, but in just three weeks the days start getting shorter already.

Icing a conspiracy

Conspiracy theories are difficult to substantiate, mostly because most of them are unfounded.

Hockey woes continue for Canada

Well, it seems pretty official, hockey is only vaguely, “Canada’s Game” anymore.

Minor hockey gets it right

Very good news about the Beaver Valley/Rossland-Trail minor hockey merger.

Support your Silver City Days

Community should support Silver City Days & show appreciation to dedicated volunteers.

Parity part of poor performance

Whatever you think of him, Gary Bettman has successfully reshaped the NHL in the image he prefers.

Saluting the ‘62 Smokies

We shouldn’t allow April to get away without acknowledging the 50th anniversary of a major accomplishment by a Home of Champions team.

A nod to the Nitehawks may pay off for Smokies

Here’s hoping several of the current squad can step up a level and help uplift the Smoke Eaters next season.

Support insufficient at Hawks’nest

They are kids, I get that, but the closeness of the score in Beaver Valley Wednesday night had no business, history-wise, existing.

Hawks have hope

At least in the Kootenay Conference, KIJHL playoffs are proceeding as expected.

KIJHL creates competitive balance

The KIJHL playoffs have been as dramatic as anyone could want.

Thinking Nitehawk hockey

Ala Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, here are, “10 Things I Think, I Think.”

Will hockey endure fighting ban?

Good battle by a very shorthanded Smoke Eater team Wednesday.

Playoffs and other intriguing scenarios

Lots of important hockey around here in the next two weeks.

Support all Greater Trail

It’s the middle of February, so we shouldn’t be surprised at the latest snowfall.

Spoiler time for Smokies

We have known about the no-possibility-of-playoffs for the Smoke Eaters for a very long while now.

The times, they are a changin’

Things have changed, just a little, in the world of sports lately.