Dr. Brenda Gill

Steps towards breast cancer prevention

"Reviewing research shows the hunt for magic bullets. However, the most successful is a combined program."

How to minimize Seasonal Affective Disorder

A few simple steps to help avoid the winter blahs.

Establishing a new routine for the fall

Fall is the time to start a good food routine for the winter months ahead.

Get your child on track before school starts

One of the areas I spend much of my time solving, is the reasons behind why a child is having a hard time focusing or concentrating

When it’s miserable outside, think of cleansing inside

Since the weather’s not been the best with all this rain and cold for the usual outside activities, it’s a great time to focus inside

Asthma: Find the cause and treat the symptoms

Asthma is an increased response of the airways to certain stimuli that are irritants/allergies or sensitivities to that person.

Sound sleep crucial

Sleep can be allusive for some folks. It is extremely important that you get at least seven-to-eight hrs/night.

Preventing dry coughs, whooping coughs

How to best and quickly eliminate dry coughs in the winter time.

What to do about constipation

One of the topics that few people talk about is bowel habits; however, it is one of the most important keys to health.

Fevers: In most cases they are a good thing

The last article I wrote dealt with certain supplements and herbs that help you get over those colds and flus more effectively.

Fight back against those colds with effective weapons

It seems after the Christmas holiday with all those late nights, rich foods and probably way more sugar than usual, the flu is back!

Tips for getting back on into shape after the holidays

Helpful tips for getting back on into shape after the holidays

Halloween treats can kick start flu season

Especially with the cold weather this year, I’ll be expecting phone calls about a week or two after Halloween.

Multi-vitamins study – be careful what you read

There was a recent study on multi-vitamins causing concern that was reported in the news that needs clarification.

It’s not the bug that’s the issue, it’s your immune system

Now that fall is upon us, it is time to bolster the system for the winter.

Food sensitivities can affect daily living in many ways

An area of health that is often missed, is a practitioner asking what food you are eating and what you are drinking, to see if that may have something to do with what is going on.

Get your child on track now that school is back

One of the areas I spend much of my time solving is the reasons behind why a child is having a hard time focusing/concentrating, is overly rebellious/quarrelsome or any other behavior not appropriate for their age.

Adrenal glands need to be kept in shape

Now that summer is almost over with shortening days and typically a more rigorous routine, it is important that the adrenal gland is strong. This ensures the added stressors of increased workload, activities, lower light and temperature are managed well. It is common to see patients wanting more energy, sleep and being more susceptible to colds and mood swings at this time of year.

Hormone testing made easy and accurate

One of the ways to understand what your hormones are doing is by lab testing. In the past, the only available method was a blood draw at a lab. For many patients this is inconvenient, especially since accurate testing should be done at certain times of the month. Therefore, blood spot and saliva sampling was developed.

Help in dealing with environmental toxicity

The first two articles discussed what environmental toxicity was all about, what type of symptoms are indicating a toxic overload and some of the simple solutions to removing them from your body. This article will discuss supplements and herbs that would be helpful.