Louise McEwan

Everyday Theology: Canada’s mission against ISIS highlights moral quandary

"...there does seem to be, as Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson frames it, “moral clarity”. Beyond that, the moral waters get muddy."

Everyday Theology: Courts back school’s religious freedom

"A faith-based curriculum can contribute to the goals of a secular, democratic society."

Everyday Theology: Disabled son inspires drop box for abandoned babies

"He clearly feels that God has called him to this task, a task that he executes selflessly, without counting the cost.

Everyday Theology

Assisted suicide is not the only response to suffering

It is eloquent, persuasive and based in law; it almost had me convinced that physician assisted dying is the correct response to suffering.

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Everyday Theology: Love is in the air

..."the modern day celebration of Valentine’s Day bears little resemblance to its ancient Roman and Christian roots."

Everyday Theology: There’s no u-haul behind a hearse

"Nevertheless, in an effort to keep my vow, I have an annual war with my stuff."

Everyday Theology: The pen is mightier than the sword

"... it is much more difficult to kill the ideals that promote the flourishing of human society."

Everyday Theology: Pope’s message was for all to hear

"Francis is not asking any more of these cardinals than he asks of himself."

Gifts await us at the stable

"...in order to carry the Christmas spirit forward into the world, “we gotta pray” for that change of heart."

Everyday Theology: Charity at Christmas has a long history

"Giving Tuesday can serve as a reminder that the Christmas season is not just about shopping for the best deals."

Everyday Theology: ‘Just shoot me’ is not a plan

"...the debate has had little effect in motivating those who are healthy to prepare for their own eventual death."

Everyday Theology

Remembering war, lest we block it out

Louise McEwan reflects on Remembrace Day and its significance.

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It’s the Great Pumpkin, or is it?

Almost 50 years after it first aired, the 1966 Halloween classic, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, remains popular.

Everyday Theology: Synod on the family will test the Pope’s credibility

"The synod will either chart a new course, or reiterate the same old attitudes that a majority of Catholics have already rejected."

Everyday Theology: Iraqi Christians are on the brink of extinction

"The existence of these ancient church communities precedes the presence of Islam in the region by about six hundred years."

Everyday Theology: Spiritual journey a ‘walk’ in progress

"In many religious traditions, the journey is a metaphor for the growth of the soul"

Everyday Theology: The wheels of life go ‘round and ‘round

"What kind of wheels do you have? Do they tell your story? Can wheels teach us anything about life?"

Everyday Theology: Summertime reading

"... if you are looking for something to read this summer, here are a few suggestions."

Everyday Theology: Bishops’ red card is a call to conversion

"Francis looks at the world’s beautiful game as a metaphor for the improvement of the human person and, therefore, of society."

Everyday Theology: Law societies regulate conduct, not belief

"...TWU has the right to uphold a particular view of marriage..."