Louise McEwan

Everyday Theology: Digital world a double-edged sword

"...we may begin to treat others with less than the respect they deserve..."

We learn to be racist

Just who was Jesus? It’s a question that commands a lot of attention, and engenders a heated debate.

Everyday Theology: Respectful debate can lead to a compassionate understanding

When equality and religious rights butt heads, Canadians need thoughtful analysis and informed debate.

A cap gun taught me the meaning of joy

"My parents’ Easter gift to me was perfect and that day my joy was complete."

Everyday Theology: Cookies and funerals go together

"A well-celebrated funeral puts me in touch with humanity, and reminds me that each life has a transcendent meaning."

Everyday Theology: Women are making the desert bloom

From the macro to the micro level, women are creating streams in the desert places of human society.

Everyday Theology: Is there a spirituality to the podium?

"There may be a spiritual aspect to Olympism in the passion of the athlete..."

I knew some people worthy of an Oscar

"You don’t need to win an Academy Award to make a splash in the movie of someone’s life."

Has York University turned back the clock on gender equality?

"...I am not convinced that the level of criticism aimed at York University is entirely fair."

Everyday Theology: Pope Francis, Man of the Year

Time Magazine has named Pope Francis its Person of the Year for 2013.

The nativity crashes barriers of injustice

"The crèche is a rich source of material for reflection, and my appreciation for it deepens with every passing year."

The mysterious fundraising logic of church teas

"While it is assumed to be a good fundraiser, the real benefits of the event lay in its ability to strengthen the community."

Quebec’s charter goes too far

"It paints all religious people with the same brush..."

Gratitude begins with being thankful

"Has the practice of being thankful fallen out of favor?"

Pope Francis is good news

"Francis’s small acts... communicated humility and largesse of spirit."

Doing nothing is beautiful

"...the drive to be constantly productive isn’t always the best strategy for nurturing one’s inner self."

Stop blaming Eve

"Through propagating the myth that women frequently lie about rape, the group reinforces the culture of violence against women..."

Reading in the dog days of summer

"Sitting down with a book is my idea of the perfect activity for the dog days of summer."

Abortion should be safe, legal and rare

"The reluctance to formally debate abortion is puzzling given the interest in the topic and the findings of recent polls."

Can Pope Francis bring Catholics home?

"Research surveys support what most people already know. Church attendance is declining and has been for decades."