Louise McEwan

Motherhood not the only aspect of a woman

"...while I feel very privileged to be a mother and extraordinarily blessed in my children, motherhood is not the sum total of who I am."

The dangerous paradigm of gender hierarchy

"Violence against women has an insidious presence in every community in every country on the planet."

Looking for joy in a place of sorrow

..."I found myself pondering the relationship between the Easter liturgies and our real life experience of death and resurrection."

Early signs of renewal

"As long as I keep myself oriented to the south, with its sunny back yard, my heart feels the lightness of spring."

Pope or pew warmer: each has a vocation

"... with increasing public pressure for reform, I found myself wondering, 'Who would ever want to be pope?'"

Resignation resonates with truth

"My hairstylist asked me what I thought about the pope’s resignation. A lively discussion ensued."

Celebrating the best in love

"...I began to see that the rituals of the day mirror the ways in which our understanding and definition of love develops over time."

Dying with dignity

PQ’s “Dying with Dignity” commission is recommending that their provincial government allow a limited form of euthanasia/assisted suicide.