Patty Siddall

Gardening provided plenty of successes and some failures

"In years past I might have considered it too early to dismantle the annual plantings, but I was more than ready this season."

Perennials can help brighten shady spots

"There aren’t too many shrubs that do well without sun, but there’s no end of interesting perennials to brighten shady spots."

Sun-loving perennials perfect for local backyards

"...there are many reasons why people prefer low-maintenance landscapes."

Perennials provide base for colour and texture

"I consider woody perennials such as trees and shrubs to be the 'bones' (structure) of the garden so I place them first..."

Iris a perfect choice for smaller space

"I had to reduce the inventory and bring only a sampling. Now, in this smaller garden, each plant holds much more meaning."

Ornamental grasses provide colour and texture

"...ornamental grasses are often seen in motion, shimmering and swaying in the breeze with faint whispering rustling sounds."

With the right steps, clematis can flourish

"I will give this most popular vine another go and to ensure better success, have reviewed instructions on how/where to plant and prune."

Early maintenance can help yield colourful spring

"Spring is the season to ensure all the hard work in the fall is protected and continues to give many years of joyful blooms."

Time to get back in the yard

"Fortunately, this winter there was a good covering of snow to protect the plants while not too much driveway shovelling was required..."

Time to prepare your plants for the coming winter

How can we help our garden treasures avoid winter kill?

Keeping your vegetable garden healthy until harvest time

How much do we water the garden, what time of day is best?

Hydrangeas provide hardy addition to flowerbeds

If the constant rain has you down, think of the new shrubs and trees planted in gardens this spring.

Ground Rules in Gardening: With the right care, annuals are a colourful garden staple

Patty Siddall explains growing annual flowers in Trail, BC.

Ground Rules in Gardening: Home sweet home

“Home is where the heart is.” This famous saying befits the completion of my new gardens.

Getting through the first stages

Patty Siddall explains preparing a location for a new garden project.

Dig in to the new season

Preparing your gardening space for the spring season.

Where the money should go

Reader comments on government's wasteful use of public funds

Despite lacklustre season, there’s always hope for next year

Ahhh, October; when cool, brisk air compliments the warm sunshine, making it easy to enjoy working in the yard.

Let relationship with junipers grow

Much to my chagrin, but I’m sure to the delight of vacationers, the heat arrived this past month and with it, the start of my hand-watering regime.

Prevention the key to winning war on weeds

I admit I’m not fond of summer. My favourite garden task –spring pruning – is long gone and the summer heat has now set in with its overdramatized production of obnoxious weeds.