Paul Willcocks

Liberals get poor grade from Progress Board

The Progress Board, set up to report on how the government is doing and killed by Christy Clark last year, went out with a bang.

Time for a real debate on fracking risks, benefits

The fracking debate — or more accurately the absence of one — is another example of B.C.’s great divide.

Lack of federal leadership on health care

The biggest issue in the federal government’s move to curb health-care spending increases isn’t the new limits.

Trudeau could have been describing Parliament in general

There’s no real theme to the column, beyond a general sense of wonder.

Time to end Campbell’s education fund

I’ve got good news for Premier Christy Clark - a way to deal with Community Living B.C.

Fixing Canada’s growing income inequality

The Occupiers have packed their tents, but the issue of increasing inequality within Canada shouldn’t go away with them.

Court correct in tossing drunk-driving law

The B.C. Supreme Court struck a good balance in tossing part of the province’s new drinking-driving laws.

Gloomy forecast sinks balanced budget

A glimmer of good news shone through Finance Minister Kevin Falcon’s quarterly report on the province’s finances and economy this week.

No plan to improve dismal poverty record

The Clark government believes reducing the number of unnecessary regulations is important.

Big pension problems get tiny response

A generation ago, most people could count on buying a home for the equivalent of about three year’s salary. That dream is gone.

After 20 years, Jumbo still in limbo

Last week in the legislature offered good reminders of how surreal things can get in the grand old building.

Report fails to answer Basi-Virk questions

Taxpayers end up paying $6 million to cover the legal fees of two Liberal staffers who admitted taking bribes.

Flaherty gives Clark chance to ease cuts

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty offered Christy Clark a big break last week, if she’s prepared to grab it.

Hydro’s tricky books bad news for public

When B.C. Hydro reported a profit of $447 million last year, you probably thought the Crown corporation took in more money than it spent.

Poll delivers bad news to Clark and Liberals

Christy Clark went all tough on crime this week, proudly enrolling in Stephen Harper’s “lock-em-up” camp.

Hawes shows Clark what an MLA should do

Randy Hawes and Christy Clark offered up two very different visions of what MLAs are supposed to be doing on Monday.

Riot TV plan could backfire on Clark

For an astute politician, Premier Christy Clark is making some odd moves.

Gimmick aside, throne speech adequate

Throne speeches are supposed to set out the government’s agenda for the legislative session. But they’re typically full of nice-sounding but meaningless phrases, big visions and praise for the party in power’s brilliance.

Clark’s plan kills valuable Progress Board

Christy Clark killed off one of Gordon Campbell’s good ideas last week, weakening government accountability and removing one of the few ways citizens have to assess its performance.

Job plan does little for today’s unemployed

Premier Christy Clark’s job plan, despite all the flying around the province and flashy announcements, is a bit of a letdown.