Raymond Maslek

Oh Christy – what will you do to us?

"...facing four years at the hands of Christie Clark, the most facile premier the province has had since Bill Vander Zalm."

Another year, another failed library project in Trail

"maddening for the members of the library board who must try to plan for the future without any idea of where their project stands..."

Dethroning the NDP in Kootenay West a tall order

Ray Maslek shares his thoughts on the upcoming provincial election.

Lot controversy overlooks issue of river access

Raymond Masleck weighs in on the controversy over the proposed lot sale in Glenemrry.

Talk easy, cutting trustees more difficult

"School trustees are once again contemplating reducing their numbers as part of the ongoing cuts..."

Action needed to retain workers in Greater Trail

"While city council seeks control of the local airport in Columbia Gardens, keeping people in Trail should be as much of a concern..."

More required than simple ‘no’ to K-12

"...it reminded me of the line from the “Ballad of Jesse James” about the 'dirty little coward that shot Mr. Howard.'”

Wheel lock a potential problem solver

"Council is amending its traffic bylaw to allow a wheel lock to be applied to vehicles with outstanding tickets."

Rossland riding a wave of big-time publicity

"Rossland has been making the big-time news in a big way lately, with some admiring mentions and ratings in some prominent places."

Students should only have to cram for exams

"The latest round of agonizing over how many and which schools the district needs has been going on since the fall of 2008."

Airport shouldn’t be allowed to languish

"The apparent lack of interest among local communities in upgrading the Trail Airport is not as real as it may seem."

White ribbon campaign misses the mark

"What the aim of this campaign is has always eluded me."

Pleas for better traffic safety often fall on deaf ears

"Good luck to Fruitvale council and its campaign for an upgrade to the crosswalk on Highway 3B at the entrance to the village..."

Warfield Council seeks advice on damage claims

An early snowfall generated several damage claims against the Village of Warfield that council is seeking expert advice on how to deal with.

City ups the ante on illegal parking

Front yards in Trail will soon be expensive parking spaces for boats, trailers and other recreational vehicles.

Warfield – Narrow street poses potential winter problems

Warfield’s narrowest street has become even more treacherous with the addition of some new pavement and the coming of winter.

Old, new and green democrats take heed

"The United States elections have left many Canadians scratching their heads at the goings on south of the border."

Winter mayhem in an era of falling crime

"...Stephen Harper had better get busy building even more prisons if the latest crime report from the local RCMP is any indication."

Will that be paper or porcelain, decaf or regular?

"...which set off a flurry of questions and button pushing from the server."

Ta Ta – we’re off on a laughing tour of Canada

"Service Canada springs to mind as a classic oxymoron, especially in the wake of extensive personnel cuts in recent years."