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Tax Tips & Pits – Should I file or should I wait?

"May 2 is the tax due date this year. Any reason for filing sooner than later?"

Tax Tips & Pits – Tax deductions from cradle to graduation

A list of some deductions parents can use for their children.

Tax Tips & Pits – Courts don’t joke around when it comes to taxes

"So how does a tax preparer spend his or her free time? Reading court rulings, of course."

Tax Tips & Pits – Form T1135: Owning up to the taxman

“Did you own or hold foreign property at any time in the year with a total cost of more than CAN $100,000?” CRA would like to know.

Tax tips & pits

Tax Tips & Pits: Tax treatment of spousal support payments

Considering the number of separated relationships, an explanation of spousal support from a tax reporting perspective is often needed.

Tax tips & pits

Tax Tips & Pits: Taxman Reviews – Here we go

"Here’s a heads-up on how to deal with the increasingly more frequent Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) review."

Tax Tips & Pits – Tax Changes: 2015 or 2016?

A simplified explanation of changes for the 2015 tax season.

Tax Tips & Pits – Bedrooms and taxes: Marital status made difficult

You may think that no one is interested in your relationship, but the taxman is.

Tax Tips & Pits: Government’s tax changes: Fact or fiction?

Should we prepare for possible changes in Canada’s tax policy?

Tax Tips & Pits: Planning for success

"Entrepreneurs succeeding sometimes let their success control and lead them, rather than choosing to lead their business."

Tax Tips and Pits: U.S. citizens living abroad must file

“I’m an American citizen and have been living and working in Canada for years. I hear I have to file a U.S. tax return. Is this true?”

Tax Tips and Pits: The budget and tax prep

The announcing of the federal budget comes with some 2015 tax year goodies.

Tax Tips & Pits

Tax Tips & Pits: Canada Revenue Agency’s push to go paperless

There are two sides to any budget – revenues and expenses.

Tax Tips & Pits

Tax Tips and Pits: Eligible or non-eligible, that is the question

The term "eligible dividends" applies to dividends paid by a Canadian corporation.

Tax Tips and Pits: Little known tax penalty is no joke

Canada Revenue can invoke a 20% penalty for failing to report income.

Tax Tips and Pits: Tax credits and deductions for kids

"If you have kids you know they don’t come cheaply, and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) gives parents some relief."

Tax Tips and Pits: Attendant care, nursing homes and the Disability Tax Credit

"Fees paid to a person or business to provide care in-home or at a residential facility may be considered attendant care expense..."

Tax Tips and Pits: Demystifying the new Family Tax Cut

"Without a doubt, the loudest change for 2014 tax prep is the new Family Tax Cut."

Tax Tips & Pits

Tax Tips and Pits: Trending reviews by the Canada Revenue Agency

CRA is frequently asking for proof of custody arrangements with separated couples because sometimes a claim is made by both parents.

Tax Tips & Pits

Tax Tips and Pits: Common reviews as tax time approaches

Tips to avoid some of the more common claim errors CRA finds.