Ron Clarke

Tax Tips and Pits: It’s time to think about the task of tax preparation

"Gathering your tax information is one thing, preparing your tax return is a completely different animal."

Tax Tips and Pits: How to report all those perks and gifts at tax time

"How are these reported to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or are they?"

Tax Tips and Pits: Are you receiving CPP and working?

Rules that came into effect in 2012 may have affected some people without them even noticing.

Tax Tips and Pits: Proper travel plans for snowbirds

"Health care aside, there could be foreign tax implications that develop due to the time spent outside of Canada."

Tax Tips and Pits: Small businesses and the CCPC tax deduction

"...without this small business tax break a small business owner would remit nearly double in tax."

Tax Tips and Pits – The pros and cons of hiring family members

"...what if one day you decide to cut wages? Or release the family member? What will be the family consequences?"

Tax Tips & Pits: Why should you file your tax return?

Whether you are owed by or owing to CRA, clearly the recommendation is to file 2013 as soon as possible.

Tax Tips and Pits – Claiming interest as an expense

"As tax season draws to a close, what better time than right now to do some tax planning for next tax season."

Tax Tips & Pits: Fallout from the Heartbleed bug

There are several heads-up items to be warned about regarding the recent e-service shut down at Canada Revenue Agency

Tax Tips and Pits: Cash for tax squealers is no joke

The gov't has announced it will pay cash to people who inform on people who cheat on their taxes in excess of $100,000.

Tax Tips and Pits – Child and spousal support payments

Tax policy surrounding child and spousal payments can be a very contentious topic.

There are ways to survive tax season

Ron Clark shares a simple plan to reduce the pain he recommends to clients.

Tax Tips and Pits – Dealing with the CRA after losing a loved one

Although when a loved one passes the last thing you want to think about is paperwork, it's important to notify the proper authorities.

Making random tax reviews quick and painless

Ron Clark shares tips on how and why you should be prepared for CRA tax review.

Putting business up for sale

"But how does an owner “get-out” of the business?"

‘Tis the season to entertain customers

How much can you write off for entertaining customers, clients and staff over the holidays?

Now that I’ve filed, what’s next?

So you have filed your T1 personal tax return. What next?

Beware of the little known tax penalty

Canada Revenue can charge a 20% penalty on unreported T-slip income.

Clarifying the rules for tax credits

A refresher on the tax credits introduced over the past couple of tax seasons.

The muddied waters of a hot tub claim

"Around April Fools each year I like to dedicate a column to the lighter side of taxes, if there is such a thing..."