Ron Clarke

Tax breaks out there for B.C. seniors

The Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit to make the home more elderly friendly.

Random tax prep tips as deadline nears

Ron Clarke provides some tips as the 2012 tax deadline approaches.

Not all tax credits are created equal

"Tax credits are deductions a taxpayer may be able to claim when filing his or her personal T1 tax return with (CRA)."

Stay on top of your game at tax time

"A word to the wise: be on top of your tax game all year round."

Tips on reporting tips at income tax time

"Heads-up to employees in the service industry: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is paying close attention on the reporting of tips."

Tax Tips & Pits – Sources of tax free income

"Is there such a thing? I mean, without lying about it or carrying on an illicit business, are there really sources of tax free income?"

What is a loss in the eyes of the Canadian Revenue Agency?

"...(CRA) defines several types of losses that can be used to offset income. Here is a thumbnail sketch of three of the most common."

Steps to incorporation

There are questions to answer before incorporating a proprietorship

Here comes the PST … again

The next step in the return of PST to BC is underway.

Little known tax credit for small business

As a small business owner, have you expanded your staff in 2012?

American taxman seeking its citizens

The IRS has recently announced tax amnesty for those with American or dual citizenship living in Canada.

No free lunch when it comes to claiming expenses

Tax Tips and Pits - when claiming expenses while entertaining a client, only 50% of that expense is claimable.

It’s never too late to file your taxes

Besides the obvious, “it’s the law,” why should you file your personal taxes?

Clarifying donations as deductions

There are many misconceptions surrounding using charitable gifts toward a non-refundable tax credit to reduce personal liability.

Guide for claiming home office expenses

Having to use your home to aid in earning of income may qualify you for home office expenses.

Pensions: To split or not to split

The pros and cons of splitting pension income in order to share earnings between the spouses.

How to best split pension income

Canadians can now split pension income in order to share earnings between spouses

It’s tax time: Ready, set, get filing

Deadlines come earlier in leap years - the final day for RRSP contributions for 2011 tax purposes is February 29 and NOT March 1.

New tax credits and policies impact 2011 returns

An overview of the new tax credits brought in by the 2011 budget and tax policy changes applicable to 2011 personal taxes.

Helpful hints for reporting perks

Column explains common Canadian tax tips and pits and solutions