Ron Clarke

Kootenay snowbirds need to know tax implications

Reviewing tax rules important for seasonal travelers

Getting the most from a small business tax break

This column fleshes out the technical definition of a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) and in particular its tax advantages.

To incorporate or not

A question often posed by proprietors, “Should I incorporate?”

New businesses need to plan for success

It never ceases to amaze me the number of small business start-ups each fall.

Ins and outs

The Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) introduced in 2009, is another investment tool for Canadians, but as with any investment, it has accounting protocol and therefore, by default, potential CRA tax issues.

The pros and cons of hiring family

You own and operate a business and you have family you can hire. Should you or shouldn’t you?

EI coverage for the self-employed

One of the commonly stated drawbacks for being self-employed is the fact that the self-employed person does not qualify for employment insurance (EI).

Finding the tax answers to legal fees

Legal fees … Argh.The reality is we come across the need for…

Range of deductions applicable to kids

Kids cost you. And the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes some of the…

CRA clamps down on cosmetic surgery

Did you know that just about any cosmetic surgery was an allowable…

Deductions exist for employees

A common misconception is that if a person works for an employer…

Write-offs if working from home

Are you working out of your home to run your own business?…