Ron Nutini

Mechanically Speaking

Mechanically Speaking: Maintenance list is worth following

It is very easy to miss some of the bigger maintenance items on that once a year pilgrimage to the jiffy lube at the mall.

Mechanically Speaking

Mechanically Speaking: When it comes to repairs, you still gotta get your hands dirty

"The problem is what is obvious to a mechanic is not so obvious to the armchair mechanic."

Mechanically Speaking: ‘Known good part’ not always best answer

"Many times automobile components cannot really be tested step by step. There is no simple method of testing them."

Mechanically Speaking: Water leaks can doom electrical systems

"Water is the enemy of electrical systems, especially when mixed with a little salt."

Mechanically Speaking: Cupholder conundrum leaves something to be desired

"Unfortunately many automakers choice of cupholder locations leave something to be desired."

Mechanically Speaking: Getting a grip on traction control

How do you know if your vehicle has traction control?

Mechanically Speaking: How long will it take to fix that?

"...short of simple services, waiting around is not the best unless of course you have a lot of time and no need to question why..."

Mechanically Speaking

Mechanically Speaking: Married to the check engine light

"The main reason to react is to save yourself some money in the long run"

Mechanically Speaking

Mechanically Speaking: Be kind to your starter

"In most cases a long cranking starter is being abused."

Mechanically Speaking

Mechanically Speaking: Hot weather can be torture on a vehicle

Many failures that occur after the warranty can be attributed to lack of maintenance or improper use of the vehicle.

Mechanically Speaking

Mechanically Speaking: Your vehicle needs to stay cool and refreshed too

"We have had some smoking hot weather. I am sure you would agree. What better time to do a review on your vehicle’s cooling systems."

Mechanically Speaking: No luck in going up against the odds

"My last couple of diagnostic debacles are proof that simple can be elusive."

Mechanically Speaking: Truck manufacturers in battle to provide best fuel economy

"Truck technology is on the move as manufactures fight for bragging rights. Who will be the fuel economy leader?"

Mechanically Speaking: What happened to my AC?

There are a myriad of reasons for the lack of AC (air conditioning) function.

Mechanically Speaking: Springtime means arrival of car show season

"For many, spring is car show season. Many of us will attend a car show this season. Some of us will show our cars this season."

Mechanically Speaking: Good habits can help prevent engine deposits

"The saying “drive it like you stole it” comes to mind. Guess what? There was good reason for that type of driving."

Mechanically Speaking: How many fuel pumps does it take?

"Do not underestimate the value of that annoying check engine light in clueing you into a burgeoning fuel pressure problem."

Mechanically Speaking: Mechanics, politics lack professionalism

"What does local politics have to do with mechanics? In both cases; my trade in general and our local politics lack professionalism."

Mechanically Speaking: Taking things apart can often be the hardest task

Sometimes the most difficult part of diagnosing a broken car is getting into the place where you need to perform testing.

What could that smell be?

"A customer complained that his brakes smelled like they were burning when he got to Rossland from Trail."