Ron Nutini

Mechanically Speaking: Vehicles lasting longer and longer

Trail's Ron Nutini discusses vehicle longevity and how to get the most out of your car.

MECHANICALLY SPEAKING: More MacGyvering for the 21st Century

"The modern day tool kit requires smaller strong tools, a multimeter and a scan tool.

Keeping driving simple is a thing of the past

"What we drive in the 21st century is also allowing technology to isolate us from the whole process of driving."

The right tires make all the difference in the snow

Snow has fallen and as a result the news was buzzing about snow tires.

What caused the catalytic converter failure?

"The catalytic converter, located in your exhaust system, cleans up the inefficiencies of the internal combustion engine."

Motorists must do their part to keep air clean

"An orange engine light indicates that your vehicle is likely polluting the atmosphere..."

Mechanically Speaking: Trying to determine what is draining your battery

Automotive technician Ron Nutini helps troubleshoot reasons for a dead battery.

MECHANICALLY SPEAKING: Records provide maintenance history

"Under that hood is a tighter trickier place than it ever has been."

Mechanically Speaking: Modern motor mounts engineered to ‘have your cake and eat it too’

Tell a customer they have worn out engine mounts and they usually react in one of two ways: fear or disbelief.

The right maintenance can feel so good

"Certainly I increased my vehicle’s reliability, but does it drive any better? No! So, what the heck?"

Small noises can become big problems

"As a service professional I would strongly suggest waiting for some noise to get worse is the worst idea."

Weigh the facts when buying new or used

"It would be best to own something that has the latest in technology that way I will learn about all the new systems..."

The difference between gauges and warning lights

"There was a time when automotive enthusiasts wanted their vehicles to have gauges not idiot lights."

Mechanically Speaking: Replacing the timing belt and more

When you are due to replace your timing belt your service provider will often give you some options.

Be careful with your engine’s lifeblood

"It feels like car ownership is getting simpler and simpler.
Maybe! Maybe not!"

Some options are more valuable than others

"In the auto repair industry we quickly learn what options are important to our customers."

Don’t miss out on the new home buyer’s credit

"This is not a credit on a new home but rather a credit for a new buyer of a home - a distinction that is being missed by taxpayers."

Be nice to your mechanic

"...the sun coming out and heating the air above zero for the whole day inspires you to treat your vehicle to some maintenance."

‘Silver bullet’ solution doesn’t always apply to automobiles

"The complexity of the modern automobile challenges the intellect as never before."

What causes your brakes to squeak?

"A squealer is designed to tell the driver that the brakes are nearly worn out and it is time to replace them."