Ron Nutini

Solving the fuel economy riddle

"As the price of regular gasoline nudges $1.30 per litre in our area, my thoughts turn to saving fuel."

Not all auto repair shops are created equal

“What kind of services should you expect with an oil change?

Reliability and hitting that magic milestone

"How reliable is your vehicle? Do you think twice about taking them on a long trip?"

Why you need stability control

"Winter driving is filled with very different driving conditions and we must quickly adapt to each or suffer the consequences."

Newer doesn’t always mean it’s better when it comes to servicing

The ease of working on cars comes under the title of serviceability and maintainability.

Tire pressure monitoring system indicators can cause confusion

Clarification on what your tire pressure monitoring system may be telling you.

The unknowns in dealing with broken cars

"Broken cars do not talk and many times owners of broken cars don’t talk either (maybe they don’t know)."

Using a vehicle for your business

A few tax tips for those who can use vehicle expenses against income.

Don’t miss the first step in problem-solving

"When it comes to fixing a problem with an automobile the first step is always to verify the problem."

Battery replacement not as easy as it used to be

"Replacing the battery on many cars is no longer one of those jobs most people are willing to tackle."

What doesn’t turn on the check engine light?

There are situations where engine performance problems do not present any obvious problem to the driver.

Have you ever tried parking a boat?

Ever try to dock a boat? A lot of skill, some luck! Not easy!

Is the smart key necessarily a smart idea?

It technology going forward or backward with push button starts for cars.

The reasons and benefits of ethanol in our fuel

Our gasoline now now being blended with ethanol. Should you care?

Your dipstick is your friend

Not enough car owners check their oil on a regular basis.

Safety a priority for summer driving

Make sure your car is in good shape before heading out on any summer roadtrips.

Power steering headed in the right direction

Why do steering systems need power assist? They don’t, but it sure helps.

The automobile is not a disposable piece of technology

The increased reliability of automobiles is very evident in the automotive repair industry.

Mechanically Speaking: Your humble servant awaits your next request

An explanation of why what seems like a simple question or problem does not always have a simple answer.

How to shake that rattle and roll

There are a lot of sources for rattles on vehicles but one that is very common to late model vehicles is sway bar links and bushings.