Ron Nutini

Tune ups well worth the time, effort and cost

The importance of tune ups after a long cold winter

When is it time to get a tune up?

How do you know when your vehicle needs a tune up?

Lubrication important to good brakes

Not many of us would consider lubricating brakes. Are brakes not meant to grip not slip? Why, yes and no.

Don’t get psyched out by today’s complexities

“I don’t even lift the hood anymore” is a common statement mechanics frequently hear from customers.

Sometimes there are no adjustments

Modern day vehicles do not require the same adjustments as in days of yore. So what does a mechanic do now?

The most important car service of all

The quality of the oil change you get can be as important as the oil change itself.

‘Lifeblood’ of the internal combustion engine

Oil is the ‘lifeblood’ of the internal combustion engine

Important to buy a car that fits you properly

The importance of buying the right car for your budget and needs.

A little bit of rust can be the start of something big

Unless you are driving a pick up truck or a full sized SUV it is likely your vehicle’s structure is defined as a unit body.

‘Chucking parts’ at problem not always the remedy

When trying to save some money by fixing your own vehicle, the Internet and a cheap code reader might be your friend but might not.

‘Just make it safe’ not always the best remedy

“Just make it safe” and “I only need six more months” are two very common customer requests of most auto repair shops.

Will computers make driving a thing of the past?

Did you know there is a driverless vehicle cruising the streets of Berlin?

Source of annoying noises can be difficult to find

There was a group of engineers that designed your vehicle that worked on its NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) characteristics. Their goal was making your vehicle pleasing to drive while minimizing noises, vibrations, and how smoothly it would absorb bumps. Of course they had a budget to stay within.

Car keys are no longer as simple as they used to be

Have you bought a key for your vehicle recently? It can be a bit of a different experience. Yes, recent developments in ignition keys have produced a great deal of variation in the final product.

Depreciation, fuel big costs

Simpler times. Are we headed back to simpler times? Will the mom and pop corner grocery be the next best thing? Summer vacation gives a person time to relax, reflect, and ponder the future.

Proper maintenance can get you through hot times

I have been watching my vehicle’s temperature gauge a lot lately. Have you? Yes, summer is here and it feels good but remember we all have our temperature limits and so does your vehicle.

Patience is not only a virtue, it’s valuable too

“Patience,” was one of my Nonno’s (Grandpa’s) sayings. Yes, he was a man of few words but what he did say was probably worth taking heed to.

It’s often ‘buyer beware’ when it comes to brand names

I am as guilty as the next guy when it comes to being brand conscious.

Make sure wheel alignment is complete

So most of us have taken off the winter tires. To your dismay your tire man said your summers are “worn out” and you bought four new ones for your trusty steed.

Breathing properly is important for your vehicle too

The engine that breathes the best wins not only in fuel economy…