Warren Watson

Play Bridge: How to force the last guess

" This column and the next four will discuss the five best tips that Woolsey makes."

Play Bridge: Stayman with a flat hand

Is Three No Trump ever better than a four-four major fit?

Play Bridge: Overcall on two spades

Tips and tricks for bridge players new to experienced.

Play Bridge: Overcall three Spades

"When one overcalls a weak three, one needs good shape and at least 16 points."

Play Bridge: Pre-empter doubles up

"This is the fifth column in which the pre-empter takes a more active roll in the auction than what a pre-empter normally does."

Play Bridge: Pre-empter disrupts Blackwood

Tips & tricks for bridge players, new and experienced.

Play Bridge: Partner raises with limited defense

Tips and tricks for bridge players

Play Bridge: Now Clubs are longer when bidding

Tips & tricks for bridge players, young and old.

Play Bridge: Cuebidding the standard way

This is an example from my Jacoby Two No Trump workshop of standard cuebidding to find slam.

Play Bridge: Revisiting the impact of a small slam force

"When a major suit has been agreed upon, a jump to five of that suit is a small slam force."

Play Bridge: What I prefer my opponents do not do

"I prefer my opponents not do the following because this makes life difficult for me..."

Play Bridge: Standard American limit raise preference

"This week’s column takes a break from the Two-Over-One game system to show an example from Standard American."

Play Bridge: Rebidding on two no-trump

"The bidding in this column depends on partnership style and agreement."

Play Bridge: Mexico, not no-trump, is a good destination

"This was a hand that occurred at the Rookie Master game on the fifth Thursday evening of October."

Play Bridge: The key to self sufficiency

Tips and tricks for new to experienced bridge players.

Play Bridge: Flannery hand playing in two Clubs

A Flannery hand opens Two Diamonds with five Hearts and four Spades and 11 to 15 HCP’s.

Play Bridge: Forcing no trump is the workhorse

"The opener must then bid his second longest suit."

Play Bridge: Two clubs over one diamond

Tips and tricks for bridge players

Play Bridge: Why bid two over one?

Two-Over-One is a better bidding system than Standard American because bidding becomes simpler once the game force is on.

Play Bridge: Two-Over-One by a passed hand

Tips and tricks for bridge players