Animal kingdom demands new growth

Beaver Valley Animal Clinic is one of the few mixed animal practices in the Kootenays

Colleen Kramer has always been surrounded by horses.

Raised on a farm, she started showing horses at an early age. It was only natural when, after she graduated from veterinary school, she would open up her own practice with a special emphasis on equine care several years later.

Kramer owned and operated the All Kootenay Equine Veterinary Service for more than a decade, but in January, she began to diversify her practice.

“We’re now Beaver Valley Clinic and we’re one of the few mixed animal practices in the Kootenays,” said Kramer. “Now we’re seeing all animals. We provide medical services for dogs and cats, or horses and lamas. We take the mobile unit to see bigger animals.”

It didn’t take long for Kramer to realize that a veterinarian in a small community needs to cater to a wider demographic than equestrian needs.

“The one thing that’s a little bit difficult in a small area is having enough backup,” said Kramer. “You’re on call no matter what.”

Kramer began making upgrades to a clinic to outfit to serve a wider range of animals, providing a complete care package.

Kramer and her colleague, Dr. Emma Davis, are now equipped to care for big and small animals.

“There are certain species, say a lama or alpaca, and there may not be anybody else in this area that has a background to treat them,” said Kramer. “We can.”

The clinic caters to a number of species and now it’s able to offer day surgeries and digital X-rays, along with Bowen Therapy treatments that benefit animals with arthritis problems.

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