Biz Buzz – Golf course expertise brought to your lawn

Jeff Papilion has brought his 20 years experience with managing golf courses to Greater Trail lawn care.

He’s an expert on grass … and shrubs and leaves and everything that helps your lawn sparkle.

Jeff Papilion has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to managing golf courses, but this season his focus is on lawn care in Greater Trail.

Nutri-Lawn was emancipated in 2007 and became Terra Green Lawn Care, but when the business raked in close to 450 clients Kevin and Lynette Mackenzie sold the business to Jeff and Marla Papilion.

“Lynette is from Castlegar and the (Mackenzies) came out here to do her mom and dad’s lawn and it became like an old commercial, they told two friends and they told two friends and the company went from 10 clients upwards to 300,” said Jeff.

“This year we’re already at 420 and up to 430 clients already.”

The growing client list services the area between Thrums and Montrose, and this season has been exceptionally busy.

“May was just nuts,” Jeff said. “This weekend (June 1) was the first couple of days that I’ve actually had off since April the first, but that’s good. That’s what we want.”

The Papilion’s partnership with the Mackenzies ensures that the business will continue to serve its clients flawlessly during the ownership transition, and Papilion insisted that clients can expect to receive consistent customer service and lawn care maintenance as usual.

“You can definitely tell a Terra Green lawn from one that’s not a Terra Green lawn,” he said. “The colour is immensely different, darker and thicker and it’s healthier. There’s virtually no weeds (on them) at all.”

Jeff’s extensive knowledge of managing golf courses, which included a stint as the head professional at the Rossland-Trail Country Club, has aided him in the transition of becoming a lawn care specialist.

He’s all to familiar with the attention that a lawn requires to stay green. Lawn care and environmentally sustainable products are only part of the spectrum, he also has a green-thumb.

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