Nick Caracciolo is at home in the kitchen of The Smokin’ Bluz-N-BBQ restaurant at 1201 Bay Ave.

Nick Caracciolo is at home in the kitchen of The Smokin’ Bluz-N-BBQ restaurant at 1201 Bay Ave.

Coming home to the Bluz

New restaurant blends delicious smoked foods with relaxing blues music.

Colleen Caracciolo said it was a snowball effect.

Colleen and her husband, Nick, had been on the prowl to find property for a business that specialized in serving barbecued and smoked meats.

In March they found the perfect storefront in Trail and soon after Smokin’ Bluz-N-BBQ restaurant was born.

“It’s kind of a full circle for my husband and his family,” Colleen explained.

“They immigrated from Italy 50 years ago and this is where they actually landed, here in Trail, and then the family moved to Nelson and that’s where Nick actually grew up.”

The duo met in Balfour four years ago at one of Nick’s other family restaurants.

It didn’t take long before she left behind Washington to join him here in Trail.

“The rest is history,” Colleen said.

The Caracciolo’s make everything from scratch including meat rubs, salads and organic coffee.

In addition, they buy local as much as possible.

“I’m really proud of the food because it’s been such a labour of love,” she said.

But the joint has another flavour.

“The blues theme is probably a part of my American upbringing,” she said.

“My parents were musicians and I’ve always had a great love of the old music and ballads from the 30s and 40s. Blues is one of those things that’s just in my heart.”

The grey stucco walls are plastered with photographs of legends like Jim Morrison and Harlem Rose, but Colleen’s personal favourites are Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington.

It was inevitable that the name of the restaurant would nurture both of their passions. Eventually the couple would like to find a larger property in Castlegar and integrate more arts and entertainment.

The Smokin’ Bluz-N-BBQ restaurant is located at 1201 Bay Ave and is open between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

The Caracciolo’s deliver meals or takeout for a small fee.

For more information, call 250-368-8112 or 250-777-1273.