Howard Kuenle of Got Juiced concocts a “Body Booster

Howard Kuenle of Got Juiced concocts a “Body Booster

Got Juiced offers thirst quenchers to go

A new Trail business is offering a healthy alternative to kickstart your day, which may also help fight a nasty head cold or case of the Mondays.

After selling fresh smoothies at Nelson’s market last summer, Howard and Penny Kuenle opened up their own juice bar in Trail this month.

Got Juiced blends fruit and veggies from local farms or grocers with 100 per cent juice, optional yogurt and protein boosters, like chai seed and hemp heart, in its flavoured smoothies.

The new business owners are already talking about bringing in wraps and salads, as other healthy options for people on the go.

“When you have it, the body just goes, ‘Yah, I’m feeding the right way,’” said Howard, as he mixed up a “Body Booster,” which combines spinach, blueberries, strawberries, banana, yogurt, spirulina (a dietary supplement) and apple juice.

When Penny got sick about a year ago, the Nelson couple began researching ways of boosting her immune system and as a result changed their diet and the way they thought about food.

“I couldn’t stand long, everything was distorted and my white blood cells were multiplying at a rate that was insane,” she said.

A visit to Booster Juice, Canada’s largest chain that specializes in health-conscious smoothies, and Penny was turned onto the natural alternative to fast food.

“The energy feels different from the spikes and plunges of coffee and processed sugars because fruit contains complex carbs,” she explained. “Fruit gives you longer lasting natural energy throughout the day.”

The newlyweds began scouring the Internet for juice recipes, experimenting out of their home and tweaking their favourites.

Their concept was well received at Nelson’s market but when it came to setting up their first shop, Trail’s active community lured them to the city’ downtown.

“There is something about Trail that drew us here,” said Penny, adding that they intend to relocate to Trail.  “A lot of people in Nelson were also telling us, ‘We’re a coffee town.’”

The drinks range from $4 to $6 depending on the size, with an additional dollar for an extra boost of protein.

The bright yellow juice bar is meant to attract anyone looking for a refreshing treat but is very much focused on being an open door for youth.

The couple intends to showcase Trail’s active community by playing videos of local athletes on a television, really giving the shop a sense of community.

Located across from Ferraro Foods, at 875 Farwell St., Got Juiced is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and can be reached at 368-3380.