Hayfire Media captures local life

After several years of producing videos and photos as a hobby, David Hartman decided it was time to open the Rossland-based Hayfire Media.

Marshall McLuhan might have said, “the medium is the message” first, but David Hartman is certainly capable of putting that idea to the test.

After several years of producing videos and photos as a hobby, Hartman decided it was time to put his skills to the test by opening Hayfire Media, a Rossland-based production company.

“I went to school for outdoor adventure leadership, which is my bachelor’s degree, but I’ve always been into the outdoor pursuit and I’ve always had a camera along with me,” he said. “That’s how it all got started.”

Hartman began taking pictures and shooting videos for fun, but over the last four years, many other people started to notice his potential in the industry.

“I worked freelance for awhile and made it official this winter,” explained Hartman. “The doors officially opened in January,”

Hartman started the project by visiting the Skills Centre where he began writing a business plan over the course of 10 weeks and after studying bookkeeping, he met with the Skills Centre staff regularly.

“I met with them to determine the next steps and after that, I got a grant since then they have been funding me,” he said. “It was through the skills development program which is a great help for somebody starting up a business.”

Hartman began filming musicians at the Miner’s Hall in Rossland for a small series on his website.

“I was working in Rossland, that’s where I’m based,” said Hartman. “And it’s a cool project, the series is on my site and it’s an ongoing thing.

“This summer I’m working with musicians in Toronto and I’m also traveling to Hudson Bay on a canoe trip for a month and we’re making a film about it.”

The one-month trip is going to have three adventurists traveling, taking photos, writing and making memories. Hartman is passionate about pursuing both of his hobbies: spending time in the outdoors and documenting it, as well as other people’s experiences.

“It’s a month long canoe trip in a really rural part of Northern Ontario and we’re making (an independent) film about that,” he said.

“It’ll be myself and three other people and we are going to try to publish some videos, photos and articles about the trip.”

For more information about the man behind the message or Hayfire Media, visit www.hayfiremedia.com.