Local women bringing the spa home

Two local women who want their skin to feel as young as they do are bringing the spa home with anti-aging technology that is known to boost cellular energy and improve circulation.

“I’ve become interested in skin care because I see it in my face, I see the toll that having two young kids has taken,” said Sarah Joyce, 34.

Along with her 35-year-old sister-in-law Sherri Karn, Joyce has been marketing Nu Skin’s galvanic spa, which is a hand-held device the size of a cell phone that can visibly reduce lines and wrinkles within 15 minutes, according to Joyce, who has treated half her face twice a week since the end of March to prove to customers it works.

“It’s funny because when I was young my parents would always say, ‘I feel like I’m 20’ and you’d look at them and think oh my God there is no way,” said Joyce. “I’m now the same way – I feel like I’m 20 but I don’t see that in the mirror anymore.”

But her face has started to change since she’s used the unit, which is the same machine that’s been around for about 70 years in professional spas but now comes in a new compact home version.

Joyce is noticing her smile lines and crow’s feet around her eyes diminish on the side of her treated face since she’s used the machine that glides over the face, emitting a series of ionic charges that provide a “workout” for the face and removes impurities on the skin’s surface that can lead to blemishes.

“We’re around so much longer now than people were 30 years ago so I think that we just want to make the best of it while we’re still kicking,” said Joyce.

The business partners bring the product to a customer’s home for a half-face free demonstration and also offer demos in group settings.

To set up a demonstration, call 368-3264 or 368-8033.