After about 10 years in operation

After about 10 years in operation

Warfield Food Mart owners turning off ‘open’ sign for good

Warfield’s convenience store and take-out Chinese food restaurant is gearing down this week after 10 years of operation.

After immigrating to Canada, the Chans set up Warfield Food Mart in the village, which not only helped pay the bills over the years but also had a lasting impact on the family.

“Because we came from Hong Kong, the first place we stayed was here,” said 30-year-old Henry Chan. “In here, the people were nice. When we came our English was not very good, so many people helped a lot and the people here were very friendly.”

Under the direction of his father and owner of the business, Bing Chan, Henry has managed operations for the past four years also acting as cook at the restaurant in the store.

“I just do my food and if people like it, I’m pretty happy,” said Henry.

Cooking up favourites like wonton soup, house special fried rice and sweet and sour pork, the to-go restaurant not only attracted a clientele from Warfield but residents from surrounding communities.

The Chans now plan on opening up another restaurant within the Kootenays but have yet to decide where.

Along with his family, Henry will move out of the basement suite under Warfield Food Mart and for the time being live with his brother-in-law in Cranbrook, who operates Eastern Wok.

“People supported us a lot over the years, thank you for your business,” he said.

The store will remain open until the end of the month, still operating the Chinese restaurant and selling off grocery remains for up to 90 per cent off.

The store, located at 870 Schofield Highway, will soon be transformed into an independent liquor store run by former Rock Cut owner Warren Hamm.