Nancy Kotyk is opening the front door of her East Trail home

Nancy Kotyk is opening the front door of her East Trail home

A chance to say thank you

Nancy Kotyk is opening her home to the volunteers who helped in time of need

An East Trail house, rebuilt by a community of volunteers, is ready to open the door and invite the labourers in for some knosh and a thank you.

Since January, more than 30 trades people have been on hand to help Nancy Kotyk finish a dream house from the foundation up.

Kotyk’s husband Frank died suddenly in a car accident in December, and left to mourn with his loving family, were Teck coworkers, friends and fellow church members.

Prior to the accident, Kotyk had purchased the Main Street property and had stripped the house to its shell with a plan to rebuild his retirement home.

At that time, Nancy said she was left with a house that was worth nothing, and a lack of funds to finish renovations.

Since then, Frank’s many friends and coworkers have volunteered as “work bees” every other Saturday at the site to help complete the remodelling.

Nancy said the house has to pass a final inspection and there are a myriad of decisions she has to make about finishings, but a renter has settled into the downstairs suite and she wants to thank everyone before the first snowfall.

“I would have never gotten this house built without them,” she said. “I would like to invite all those people who were here in the beginning to see the end result.”

The open house is Sunday from 2-7 p.m. and the community is invited for a bite to eat and to view the house.

“It hasn’t been smooth sailing and the house wasn’t finished in August like I thought,” said Nancy. “But that’s my inexperience, and now we should flow to the finish.”