Bankers seek help with trees

Volunteers needed on planting day

A few of Trail’s money handlers are leaving their bank posts to dig into a national program that helps the environment.

But Trail TD Canada Trust employees are looking for volunteers to join them on TD Tree Days, when the bank’s environment foundation will hold more than 80 tree-planting events across the country.

“It’s good exercise and to put in four or five hours of one day out of your life isn’t going to kill you, it’s going to do the complete opposite, it’s going to be beneficial,” said Christy Geist, TD customer service representative.

The Trail resident is getting staff on board but needs a total of 25 volunteers to get the job done Sept. 11.

Working with a $1,700 budget, 17 maple species will be planted along Columbia Avenue’s new sidewalk and if there is time, volunteers will pull weeds.

“Trail was pretty desert like for so many years and now in the last couple years, I’m really noticing people putting an effort into the appearance of it and it’s now starting to look a little bit greener and not so dry and crispy,” she said.

To become a volunteer for TD Tree Days visit, to register or stop into the bank on Bay Avenue.