BC Hydro will review Buckley Campground security next year

Security will stay at the recreation area until September 30.

Pend D’Oreille Recreation Area was closed for a few days back in early July because of “unruly guests” and heavy drinking, but ever since re-opening, things have been going smoothly.

Sabrina Locicero, stakeholder engagement officer with BC Hydro, the operators of Pend D’Oreille and Buckley Campground, says things have continued to operate as usual since security was hired for the site.

“Things have gone really well and we have maintained the security presence,” she said, adding that the security personnel wasn’t just around to enforce rules, but to educate as well.

“They are also helping instruct people on what the rules are. Things have been good.”

The plan, for now, is to keep security at the recreation area until the end of the season, which according Locicero, is Sept. 30.

“At this point, we are focusing on this recreation season and we are going to maintain security until the end of the season,” she said, mentioning that with the long weekend ahead, there are going to be a few extra people on site. “We are going to have extra security there for the long weekend because we expect high use.”

The park has been consistently busy, she said, especially on weekends and in after work hours.

For next season, BC Hydro will be opening as usual, but security details haven’t been decided upon.

“Right now, the plan is to have it open again for families and the day-use area for people to use,” she said.

At the beginning of July, BC Hydro received complaints from visitors to the recreation site about some other guests abusing the public area.

The complaints included threats of violence, excessive alcohol consumption and “other unsafe activities.”

The decision was made to close the day-use area until the situation could be resolved and a plan was in place. The overnight camping area remained open.