Community Comment: Change of seasons signals busy time in RDKB

"Activities are switching from Area B trails and backcountry winter activities, to parks and hiking/biking, very soon."

Welcome to Spring….almost. March is coming in like a lion, with the unpredictable weather and enough sunny days to remind us that spring and summer are quickly approaching.

Activities are switching from Area B trails and backcountry winter activities, to parks and hiking/biking, very soon. Please remember to respect our beautiful outdoor areas in the region and pack out everything you pack in when enjoying the backcountry.

This is the 50th anniversary year, of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

Please watch for notices about gatherings at Area B parks and halls where we will celebrate for an evening or afternoon of appetizers and cake to commemorate our Lower Columbia/Old Glory (Area B), Golden Anniversary.

We have experienced some local early run offs and extensive ground saturation so far this year, so please be vigilant in keeping watch on areas of potential flooding or pooling of waters whenever possible.

Please report any concerns regarding roads, ditches, diking, or overland runoff to the Ministry of Highways, to ensure that the right agency is notified as soon as possible to try to address the problems.

Also, please remember to be vigilant and report any illegal dumping or burning to Ministry of Environment. We all must be good stewards of our lands to protect the environment.

On that note, please watch the newspaper for information regarding cutoff dates for backyard burning or call your local fire department to get the most update information on the regulations regarding burning.

My work continues as your local government appointed member to the Columbia River Treaty Committee, representing your interests for the Lower Columbia area, and also all residents across the entire Basin.

So far six and a half years of work with this project, since its inception has given insight to the Local government committee, through three rounds of Community meetings across the Basin as to the recommendations to go forward to the province on behalf of Basin residents.

This work is ongoing and I hope to be arranging a public meeting in the near future to discuss the effects to those residents living below the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia systems, and how large fluctuations of water and flows, not just during freshet, but throughout the year, while meeting current Treaty requirements, adversely affect our Communities.

Work will soon begin on Casino Park to add playground equipment and other outdoor activity opportunities for the community of Casino and their visitors.

Also ongoing work is being done by volunteer Trails Society and members of the public on Bonanza ski and hiking trails on the Paulson Pass as well as the Dewdney Trail and Old Glory areas of Area B. A very big thank you to all the volunteers and supporters of these projects in our amazing backcountry.

I would like to also thank the wonderful group of Volunteers who sit on the Lower Columbia/Old Glory (Area B) (APC) Area Planning Committee, and those who also make up the Area B Recreation Committee.

The hours and expertise they give to us is greatly appreciated, and without whom we would not have the programs and opportunities to enjoy our parks and halls and joint activities that bring us all together throughout the year.

Thanks to all who give back to your community through Volunteering!

Linda Worley is the director for Area B of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

Community Comment is an opportunity for elected officials from our local municipalities to update citizens in the region on the events, plans and progress in their respective communities. Every Friday, the Trail Times will present, on a rotating basis, a submission from councils, school trustees or regional district directors.