Day at the races

Cub Kar Rally draws Greater Trail Cubs, Beavers, and Scouts for
racing competition

Cubs from around the region converged on Waneta Plaza for a gruelling three hour race series Saturday with cars they had all designed, built, and decorated themselves. Well, perhaps with a bit of help from some almost equally enthusiastic parents.

“The kids are each given a block of wood, nails, and wheels,” said race starter, Art Lane, a member of the Baden Powell Scouters Guild, a group which helps out at larger Cub and Scout functions.

“Then they’re given specifications for length, width, weight, and a minimum height off the track so they don’t get stuck, and other than that: go for it.”

There were 41 Cubs competing in the rally, along with ten Beavers and eight Scouts who competed against enthusiasts in their own age groups in side races.

The final three racers after qualification rounds were all from the Second Rossland Cubs group, with Chance Marion scoring the top honours, followed by Andrew Sibbald in second place and Emry McGill in third.

Nine year-old Marion described his work on building and racing the winning car as being a matter of fact, step by step process.

“We got a piece of wood, then we drew our design on it, and we got a saw and cut it, then smoothed it and painted it,” Marion said. “Then we put the wheels on it and came here and won.

“I was so nervous I was sweating in the final race,” he said. “Then I won and my mom came and kissed me a bunch of times.”

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