Virtual tours will soon be available for the Doukhobor Discovery Centre. Photo: Betsy Kline

Virtual tours will soon be available for the Doukhobor Discovery Centre. Photo: Betsy Kline

Doukhobor museum partnership to create virtual museum tours

Virtual tours will be created for the Doukhobour Discovery Centre in Castlegar

Submitted by Doukhobor Discovery Centre

The Doukhobor Discovery Centre is partnering with Forager Education to create virtual tours and host virtual field trips of the museum.

“The Doukhobor Discovery Centre is excited to join the VR Voyage Classroom platform where we will be able to share more of Canada’s diverse history and the Doukhobors’ culture with more students across our province,” says Ryan Dutchak, the DDC’s director of museum and culture.

With foot traffic down significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The VR Voyage Classroom brings together diverse stories from institutions across BC and beyond.

With the first phase of the platform launching in September, Forager Education and its production partner fmg | virtual are heading to Castlegar to capture the museum site. The Discovery Centre is home to ten historical buildings and over 1600 artifacts related to the Doukhobors’ history in both Russia and Canada.

“Creating a virtual tour in this immersive and interactive way will allow us to highlight our unique story and share it well beyond the limits of Castlegar,” says the Discovery Centre.

“COVID caused us to rethink how we operate and continue our mandate. Without physical visitors, we had to explore new technologies to support our operations and ensure our story continued to be told.”

The project will be part of Forager Education’s presentation at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit taking place in Italy in October. The annual event coincides with the G20 Summit and young entrepreneurs from G20 nations come together to network and present novel business models to create a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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