Event supports Crowe’s Outdoor Academy program

JL Crowe is hosting a fundraiser in support of their Outdoor Education Academy.

Outdoor education can offer a host of opportunities outside the confines of a school’s four walls.

With this philosophy at the forefront, the J.L. Crowe Secondary’s Outdoor Education Academy is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday at the Rossland Miners’ Hall.

The “fun-raiser” will open with information about the program and local films of skiing and snowboarding.

“It looks to be a really fun evening, and we will show last year’s outdoor education academy video,” said Colin Adamson, J.L. Crowe teacher and event organizer.

The outdoor education academy offers a unique opportunity for Grade 11 students to integrate academics with life-long skills that are learned outside the classroom.

Students are literally taken away from the distractions of urban life and encouraged to develop an increased awareness of themselves, others and the natural environment.

“The aim is to educate the students outside and in the “real world,””said Adamson.

However, organized learning that takes place outdoors can be costly. Student fees for the program are $300, which only helps cover the costs of transportation, equipment rentals, specialty instructor costs, and certification fees.

“I have organized the event to help pay for equipment, gear and courses that many of my outdoor education students cannot afford,” explained Adamson.

“This year the students will partake in three extensive overnight camping trips and culminate in a five day year-end canoe trip to Slocan Lake,” explained Adamson.

A more complete understanding of what can be accomplished as a group and how obstacles can be overcome are key lessons that students in the program will learn, said Adamson.

The four courses offered within the outdoor education academy are: Outdoor (physical) Education 11; Social Studies 11; Biology 11;  and Sustainable Resources (science) 11 and 12.

Students have opportunity to receive four certifications, which include: wilderness first aid; fire suppression; avalanche awareness and skills level one; and moving-water canoeing level one.

Saturday’s event begins at 6:30 p.m., and is an adult-only evening. Refreshments will be available.

Prize give-aways include sweatshirts; ski passes, touring backpacks and a “Night for Two” at the Rossland Prestige designer suite. The Retallack Lodge will be there to give away a “bag of things,” Adamson added.

Live music from The Charlie Jacobson Band and headliner, Scatterheart, begins at 9 p.m.

For more information, contact Adamson at (250) 231-6566 or email at cadamson@sd20.bc.ca.