Faith keeps Salmo church alive

“My heart will be shattered if this takes place because this church goes back four generations in my family!”

SALMO –I have been touched with God’s grace to gather the courage to proclaim fearlessly what I believe. I am a spirit-filled person, and I am going to speak from my heart.

Over the last three or four months I have been asking myself, “Am I doing more?” I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and taking the initiative to seek, and I’m hoping to ignite hearts out there!

Our almost 100-year-old building, Salmo Sacred Heart Catholic Church, one of the most historical buildings left in our town, temporarily closed the doors over this last winter, and is still contemplating on shutting the doors permanently.

At this time we have approximately 10-12 parishioners. Some people have relocated, and age is a factor, as there are ones are getting up there, some have passed away, and one has had to go into a senior residence.

Pessimism has crept in, and like many other small churches through, Canada, questions such as” Can we afford to keep it open?” “Can our diocese afford this”? “No, so lets close the church down.”

My response to our Shepherd holding the staff was, “My heart will be shattered if this takes place because this church goes back four generations in my family!”

I will quote here, even the great Saints got down, and discouraged.

You know what caught my eye about, Pope Francis, in one of his first interviews he didn’t say, “I’m a pontiff”, “I’m the Pope”, “I’m famous”, no he said, “I’m a sinner.”

Right now the young people are more than shining out there, it is so great to watch. I listened to one young lady, and this is what she said; “Get out there even though you might get bloody, bruised, misunderstood, hated, cause anger, and people judge you.”

Have you ever experienced watching World Youth Day? It’s amazing, thousands upon thousands of young people at that event. The next World Youth Day is in, Krakow, Poland in 2016.

In the beginning of May, a young gentleman and I were conversing, and he said to me, “I am willing to take care of the lawns at the Catholic Church, in hopes that it will stay open.” He might be 20 years old.

What a blessing, that is totally irreplaceable!”

So when you hear the church bell ringing loud, and clear 1:30 p.m. Sundays, it’s me doing the ringing, feeling honored to be part of our Salmo Catholic Church, and when I come from behind the curtain, the other parishioners have the biggest smiles on their faces!

I have faith this flame is only going to grow!

Come and make your interior space with, God, at Salmo Catholic Church, everyone is welcome! With hope, Catholic’s come home.

Every time the church door opens, Jesus, is waiting for you, and hoping you will come through the door!

Mass is held every Sunday at 1:30pm.

By Susan Flemming