Fortuitous fill up for Rossland rider

Jay Zanussi entered a draw at the Fas Gas Plus in Warfield and ended up winning $100 in gas and ultimately a side-by-side Commander.

A Rossland man’s forays into the back country certainly became a lot more enjoyable and easier after winning the “Fas Gas Plus win a Can-Am Commander contest” earlier this month.

Jay Zanussi entered the draw at the Fas Gas Plus in Warfield and ended up winning $100 in gas and ultimately the grand prize.

“You don’t win something like that every day,” said Zanussi. “Not so sure if I’ve ever won anything.”

Fas Gas Plus ran the contest at 186 participating locations across Canada from June 18 to Sept. 3 in which five winners each week won a prize of $100 in Fas Gas cash and then were entered into the grand-prize draw to win the side-by-side Commander valued at over $15,000.

Zanussi, an avid hunter, is a regular customer at the FasGas station in Warfield and fills up his company trucks there on a regular basis.

“I fill my card out quite often, and they asked me one day if I wanted to enter it into a draw, and I said, ‘might as well, it’s only good for garbage otherwise,’” explained Zanussi.

“I ended up winning the $100 free gas and a chance to re-enter the draft for the quad.

“After the millions of dollars I’ve spent there in the last eight years, I finally got a kick  back.”

Once Zanussi received the news, he was directed by parent company Parkland Fuel Corporation to go pick out his prize at Playmor Power Products at Playmor Junction near Thrumbs.

“They happened to have the most expensive one set up in their show room out at Playmor and they approved it and I was like ‘perfect I’ll take that one then.’”

Zanussi chose the camouflage side-by-side, a deluxe off-road vehicle in which he’s already enjoyed a couple hunting outings and collecting wood with his family.