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Friday night crowning; Sophie Louwe named Miss Trail

Pageant held Friday night

Three new representatives for the City of Trail were crowned during the Friday night pageant held in The Bailey Theatre.

Miss Trail Sophie Louwe, Trail Princess Arwynn McKenzie-Chartres and Trail Ambassador Leah McNair will represent the Silver City this year.

Runners up are: Madison Freear; Jenna Cromarty; and Setareh Roshdi Benam.

The Trail Times congratulates all candidates on their dedication to the programme.

About Miss Trail Sophie Louwe from Trail Ambassador Programme Facebook page:

Sophie was born August 23, 2008 in Trail,BC to her two parents and one sister. She grew up knowing that family was always going to be the most important part of her life. For as long as she can remember her family was there. For birthdays, Christmas, boxing day, the super bowl and Sunday supper at grandma and grandpas house, they were always there. Sophie was born the youngest, which she thought meant that when all her cousins got older she was going to be left behind. Luckily that is not the case. As she got older, she could clearly see that hers is a very close family compared to some of her peers. Whenever somebody asked her what she was doing that Sunday it was always “I’m going to Grandma’s house for dinner with my family.” She could tell they thought it was a little strange that they hung out every weekend but, she didn’t mind because it’s her favourite part of the week. She is so grateful to be in a big family that usually always gets along. Her family is and always will be the most important thing in her life.

Sheri Regnier

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