Image: Nelson Cares Society

Image: Nelson Cares Society

Greater Trail talent wins big in ‘Together apART’

“Together, apART” project was an online contest with the theme, “Physical Distance, Social Inclusion.”

To recognize October as Community Inclusion Month in B.C., members of TACL (Trail Association for Community Living) sang their hearts out to delighted visitors to Waneta Plaza at month-end.

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They also entered their artwork and written pieces to the “Together, apART” project, an online competition with the theme, “Physical Distance, Social Inclusion,” hosted by the Nelson Cares Society.

Besides having their vocal prowess appreciated by locals in the Trail area, five members of the TACL day program won prizes for either painting, poems and writing.

Those winners were Alyssa Berdusco, David Coulthard, Stephanie Henley, Travis McTaggart, and Joey Ward.

Joey Ward display his winning piece.

Joey Ward display his winning piece.

TACL is sharing the winning work with Trail Times readers.

Travis McTaggart shows his winning artwork.

Travis McTaggart shows his winning artwork.

Alyssa’s Open Letter

Dear Community,

When Covid 19 started it made me really upset because my programs were shut down, and all my sports from Special Olympics closed as Covid got worse. I was supposed to go for a Swim meet at the time, but when it got to the point of this Covid start my swim meet was cancelled. So this was all a nightmare for me because, I really miss my swimming time and it was making me really annoyed because I have to be socially distance from everyone and have a mask. When we do enter the pool, we have to be apart from each other.

Everybody in public has to be apart and we have to wear a mask when you get close to anybody. When you do go to stores you have to sanitize your hands every time, especially when you touch things in the store. You also can’t try on clothes because they have to sanitize everything. I really miss going to Kelowna because I love going shopping at the mall and getting new clothes. I would love to go to Kelowna for shopping to get new clothes and a jacket for winter. I also miss going out for lunch and supper.

Because the border is closed we can’t go to Spokane. I really miss going to the states, I like going to Spokane because they have a trampoline place in the mall and they have bungie jumping.

I really miss all the fun.

I want to be normal, but still stop the Covid 19 and be safe out in the community and we want everything back to normal. I want the smoke eaters back playing hockey. I really enjoy them playing at the arena. I want them to be safe and careful. I don’t want any hockey players to get sick at this time because they are doing a great job by winning their games so far, we are very proud of you.

Can’t wait for this Covid to calm down or we get the vaccine and we can get together soon but now we have to be apart because we don’t want to get each other sick, because I care about my friends and family and community.

Be safe, be kind, and take care,

Alyssa Berdusco

David Coultard and his winning work.

David Coultard and his winning work.

Winning poems by Stephanie Henley:

Missing my Friends #1

Missing my friends feels lonely.

I hope they are happy.

I see them in my mind dancing on a stage with people watching

I wish I’m dancing with them.


I will dance with them again.

Missing my Friends #2

I feel happy at T.A.C.L.

I miss working.

I feel sad I don’t get to see more of my family and friends.

I miss drama class.

I feel happy my friends and family are safe.

I miss Special Olympics.

I feel happy that Day Program is back on.

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