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Hiking for snow when Trail valley is bare

‘February Snow’ written by Garth Ukrainetz
Snow seeker: You gotta go up to find some snow these days, but that’s what this snowshoer did hiking into the forest near Champion Lakes Provincial Park last week. Photo: Jim Bailey

by Garth Paul Ukrainetz

Poet of the Blackmud Creek


February snow can’t miss your falling

Always sure to drift my way

Cling to pant legs, holding tightly

Begging me to come and play

Slide upon a long toboggan

Skate across a pond of ice

Downhill ski on powdered mountain

Friendly little snowball fight

February snow I know you’re lonely

This time of year I feel it too

Maybe we should get together

Wintertime is over soon

Glide along the trails cross country

Snowshoe thru the meadows white

Snowmen build in brightest sunshine

Angels make on moonlit night


2024 Garth Paul Ukrainetz