incrEDIBLE trail: Spring signals start to garden season

"Though chilly nights and some chilly days still surround us, it is the best time to turn our thoughts to gardening."

Though chilly nights and some chilly days still surround us, it is the best time to turn our thoughts to gardening.

“So much to do, so little time to do it” would be a fitting mantra for this time of year. Yet many of you have probably not even considered the coming growing season. I have heard the bears are coming out of hibernation; so let’s get busy.

Seed swaps have happened all over the wider area. Hopefully, you were able to get out and make some purchases. If you did, you have probably already planted them. If not, it is not too late to start things from seed. They might look to be a little behind your neighbours’s, but plants have a way of catching up and being right where they should be in development. Inside then let’s get planting.

Now about what’s happening outside. Early spring or late winter is the best time to prune roses. Do not prune lilacs, forsythia, or another other spring-blooming bush as the flower buds would be sacrificed. Wait until after flowering to prune these things.

Clean planting beds of last year’s debris. Unless it is diseased, add debris to the compost pile. (We will discuss compost piles in a future article.) Add compost or well-rotted manure and you are ready to plant. Now doesn’t that sound easy?

Did I forget to mention about cutting back last year’s perennials and weeding? Spring is a very busy time in the garden.

Least I forget, check tools, hoses, and mowers now before you find you need them and they are in bad shape.

Keep cutting instruments sharp so that they cut rather than chew. This will be better for your plants and you as it will be less work.

Now a little bit about what is happening in the community.

Trail Communities in Bloom committee has laid plans to convert the White Garden in the Esplanade to mostly perennials.

This is an excellent move on several fronts. It is economically sound, as over time the cost of plants and labour to plant adds up quickly. It enhances the Garden because everything peeks at varying times. That gives us all a good reason to stroll the Esplanade frequently and enjoy the ever-changing display.

It will also benefit the wildlife aspect of the park by increasing the diversity of plant material.

While I am talking about Communities in Bloom, let me not pass up an opportunity to try and recruit new members. The committee is open to all citizens of Trail. Persons from the surrounding areas with interest in Trail are welcome to belong.

Communities in Bloom is a program designed to help towns and cities capitalize on their uniqueness in a way that is life affirming. CiB addresses beauty, cleanliness, history and culture, environment, and livability.

But like so many wonderful things in life, it does not just fall out of the sky. CiB is always in need of new ideas, problem solvers, and new muscle. The only requirement is caring about Trail.

For more information, contact Dan or Lana Rodlie.

Connie Smith is an avid gardener who enjoys participating in incrEDIBLE trail and Communities in Bloom.