(Deborah Shergold photo)

(Deborah Shergold photo)

Kootenay-Columbia kindness prevails amid pandemic

School is slated to begin this fall, but classrooms will be much different than usual

“It never ceases to amaze me when an ordinary day can become extraordinary by a small gesture, or in this case I believe a huge one,” Deborah Shergold shares.

This touching moment happened at the end of June when Deborah was driving to the home of her grandchildren, in Trail.

“There on their front lawn was a sign congratulating my granddaughter, she graduated from Grade 7 to high school, complete with a balloon, red rose and gift bag,” the proud grandmother from Warfield said.

“I was blown away with this kind, well thought out gesture that went to all graduating students from their teachers at Glenmerry.”

There could be no end-of-the-school-year gathering for families and teaching staff to celebrate the milestone of students moving on from grade school to high school because of the coronavirus pandemic. So the Glenmerry teachers went to the homes of all their students who graduated from Grade 7 and placed signs on the lawns congratulating the soon-to-be high schoolers along with well-wish gifts.

“My family and I will never forget this,” Deborah said. “And as I was looking at the sign, I thought to myself, ‘Well isn’t this just such a ‘Kootenay’ thing to do.’”

She gives many thanks to all those teachers who took the time to show their students that while the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away physical closeness, it has not taken away thoughtfulness or kindness.

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