Local arts council receive provincial grants

Trail and District Arts Council received an $8,900 operational grant from the province last week.

Art and culture knows no bounds with the Trail and District Arts Council (TDAC). The group received an $8,900 operational grant from the province last week, which means patrons from the entire area will benefit from the funds.

“We, as an arts council, don’t keep any of it,” said TDAC member Betty Seinen. “And we are allowed to use it however we want, and not toward a particular program. We give it to all our affiliates plus we top it up.”

Last year, the organization dispersed about $12,000 to theatrical groups such as the Columbia Phoenix Players and Rossland Light Opera Players to musical groups like the Trail Pipe and Maple Leaf Bands, as well as for showings at the VISAC Gallery, or events with the Columbia Writers Studio.

“Every arts council is eligible to apply for assistance and most of them get it,” said Seinen. “And they’ll get matching funds of up to $4,000 from local government.”

She said the provincial grants are based on population and distance from the bigger centres. Of the Trail grant, $4,000 was matched from the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary’s recreation and culture service.

“The first portion is basic assistance, the second from the regional district, and the balance is for annual performance,” she explained. “Which is based on what we do that might distinguish us a little from other councils, like the new programming we offer, Sunday movies, things like that.”

Meanwhile, $10,000 was directed to the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture (RCAC).

Renate Fleming, of the RCAC board told Alicia Wallace of the Rossland News how important these funds, from the provincial government, are to RCAC as the organization is not restricted on how the funds can be spent and has some flexibility in delivering arts and cultural programs to the residents of Rossland.

“Funding is important to us. It is not registered to a particular project and we can use the funds where we need them,” said Fleming.

“We are excited to get this money. It’s essential for us in doing what we do. It helps support all our programs. This kind of money helps with everything we do for Rossland,” said Fleming.

More than $6.9 million was provided to 277 artists, museums, and art organizations in 97 British Columbia communities.