Love of riding brings motorcyclists together

The Road Runners meet every Thursday evening at Tim Horton's in Trail and do what they love – hop on their bikes and go for a cruise.

You may hear a low rumble making its way out of the Waneta Plaza parking lot on Thursday nights, and Ian McLeod, president of the West Kootenay Road Runners motorcycle club, says don’t be alarmed or intimidated.

“It’s a group of 19-to-70-year-old people who just enjoy riding bikes,” he said. “We aren’t a gang and I think that’s the perception people have when they see a group of bikers, because we do have the crest. We’re just a riding group. I just like the riding and the good company and all of that. They are just great people.”

The Road Runners meet every Thursday evening at Tim Horton’s in Trail and do what they love – hop on their bikes and go for a cruise.

The club currently has over 100 members, but started with just a handful of enthusiasts.

“Basically, I got on Facebook one day and put the message out there,” said McLeod. “I talked to people I knew who owned bikes and that’s where it originated. We have 139 members and we’ve been around for about two and a half years.”

McLeod and the Road Runners have a busy schedule coming up in the next few months, with all of their events planned out all the way into the fall season.

“We have our barbecues and our Thursday night rides and our weekend rides,” he said. “We do different spots and different routes. We’ve got it planned out right until October.”

One event McLeod says he is looking forward to the most is coming up in August and is a first for the motorcycle club.

“The Rally in the Valley is the newest event that we are going to do,” he said.

“It’s the first time we are going to do it and it is on the August 22 weekend. We are going to have live bands playing music, camping for the weekend, bike games for people who want to see that and the public is welcome.”

The first Rally in the Valley will also include vendors, a poker ride, and plenty of activities and food on the grounds.

The rally is being held at Beaver Valley Park in Fruitvale and camping requires reservations ahead of time.

For more information on The Rally in the Valley or to find out more about the West Kootenay Road Runners, email, call McLeod at 250-364-0918, or visit their website at