New art space sketched out for Warfield

Housing students by day, art and literacy programs after hours

With a push from local parents, a dedicated art        studio will be created in a portable outside Webster Elementary School to         make way for full-day            kindergarten.

After receiving approval from the board of education, Webster’s Parent Advisory Council secured half of the $2,355 cost from the village to set up the portable, which will run on a trial basis from April until June.

This space will be used by students during school hours but is also open to the village should it wish to set up after-school art classes. 

It will also serve as a location for some of the preschool programs offered by the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy, such as Love to Learn and Mother Goose, which have been was pushed into the school’s library due to an increase in enrolment, according to Rachel Jansen, a member of the Webster parent advisory council (PAC).

Parents predict that this additional space will come in handy next year when full-day kindergarten starts, especially since classroom space is limited with the addition of the Webster after-school care program, run by Sunshine Children’s Centre.

A multi-purpose room currently acts as a larger space for students to do art out of in the meantime.

“Some of the art work here is quite striking,” said Jansen, of the initial idea of opening an art space for the community. “We have a lot of students who are academically and athletically gifted, I think we have to appreciate the artistically gifted, too.”

The portable is being cleaned out right now in preparation for a renovation.

“It’s an empty space, there’s nothing in it really,” said Jansen. “It will be interesting to see what kind of support will come from the community.”

The Webster PAC is proud of its effort to create a new art space, calling it an example of “neighbourhoods of learning.”

“We feel this (is) a rather creative way to utilize existing space at the school and further develop what Webster has to offer to the community,” said Jansen.

An open house is planned for April 15, where the community will be welcomed into the new space.

Those interested in helping with the project should email