Outdoor market coming to downtown Trail June 15

A downtown market in Trail is expected to come to fruition June 15.

The seed of a downtown market has been sprouted and it is expected to mature into a full-fledged plant June 15 when the city’s first outdoor market in 40 years takes root.

The development and implementation of a downtown farmers market on Esplanade Avenue was rated as high priority in the recently released Trail “Downtown Plan’s “downtown action items list.

As part of the developing civic plaza, repeated surveys uncovered a perceived need for a downtown open, open air market as part of the picture the city was formulating on improving the downtown milieu.

So the marketing and engagement chair of the Downtown Opportunities and Action Committee, Maggie Stayanovich, put out the word in the Trail and District Chamber of Commerce newsletter on Friday.

By Monday morning the chamber office was inundated with over one dozen calls and emails from people expressing interest in the market.

“Right now the way things are going, our first market might top 20 (vendors),” she said.

The benchmark for the first Trail market is 20 vendors — from people selling bedding plants to those selling fruit, making jewelry, making candles — but the next phase would be to expand to 40 vendors.

Held on the “pier” and the wooden decking at the end of the Esplanade, the market would not interfere with traffic, and it would have the room to expand as it grows, explained Stayanovich.

There are opportunities to go further down the Esplanade to Spokane Street, and then the other way into Jubilee Park, she noted.

“The opportunities are endless, and it gives our downtown businesses a huge opportunity to have increased traffic,” Stayanovich said. “Of course, we are encouraging them to participate, whether as a sidewalk sale or running a special, they are welcome to join in.”

The chamber office will be providing the administration and coordination for the markets.

The market begins June 15 and runs until Oct. 19 every two weeks on Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Esplanade.

For any questions, concerns or to reserve a spot in the market, contact Maggie Stayanovich, at 250-368-3144 or email tcocm@netidiea.com.