None vulnerable

None vulnerable

Overcall at the Two Level

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The bidding: East opens a twelve-point hand that some may just pass. It is not even a good bid in terms of lead direction because the suit is king empty. The only benefit is that partner may be able to compete with spade support. South, with fourteen points and a good six-card suit, overcalls at the two-level.  West and North have no bids and pass. East doubles to keep the auction open and West passes, converting the takeout double to penalty.

The contract: Two Hearts by South, doubled

The opening lead: The five of spades

A singleton in partner’s suit is the best lead and is a good reason the double was converted to penalty.

The play: Declarer wins the ace of spades and draws three rounds of trump. West wins the third trump with the queen and plays a small club. East wins the ace and gives partner a ruff. West exits his last trump. Now declarer has to play diamonds himself and will lose three diamonds, one club, and two hearts for down one.

The result: Two Hearts doubled down one  for -100.


– One hundred points are probably not what East and West were hoping for, but still should be a good board where nothing is sitting right.

-South makes a reasonable two-level overcall. However, the cards are not sitting favourably.

-Had East passed, South would probably end up playing two hearts undoubled for -50.